Mold Accessories

Mold Accessories
Precision punch and die, punch pins,die components with higher accuracy,excellent performance,and longer service life for the maintenance of stamping tools,mould tooling .Main manufacturing process includes optical grinding(PG),Wire EDM,surface grinding,cylindrical grinding,the accuracy can account to +/-0.001mm.

Mold Tooling

Mold tooling
As a company we proudly design and engineer the stamping mold toolings of the heighest precision and quality.Our engineers work daily to create and repair the mold toolings with different shapes,sizes and weights based on customer's special requirements.

Stamping Parts

metal stamping parts
We have experienced engineers teams to design stamping tools and mould tooling making based on clients' requirements,including the progressive die stamping parts for electronic industry ,deep drawing and blanking stamping for hardware industry

Customized Products

custom parts
Various of customized parts with the manufacturing process of precision machining ,the material inculdes tungsten carbide,metal stainless steel,PMMA,Plastic ,steel .The production ranges from metal parts to plastic parts with different requirements.

Company Overview

Sunnet Manufacturing( offers precision manufacturing services,including stamping parts ,precision mould tooling making,design,engineering and prototyping ,mould accessories making,including punch and die,punch pins,stamping tools,dies set,progressive die ,cutting inserts,CNC machining parts,plating and heat treatment.

Our company mainly provides production processing service as follows:

Machining:optical grinding ,surface grinding,center-less grinding,internal grinding,cylindrical grinding,wire EDM,CNC turning ,CNC milling.

Stamping:blanking,die progressive stamping ,deep drawing.


 Our official

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